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     TekMate has been closed. We got old.        

We thank our many clients for years of confidence in us.   

  • Betty is retired and usually refers new clients to Ralph Morrisey a well qualified former Lucent/Avaya employee with exceptional skills. Ralph-The-Phoneman is a Merlin and Partner Systems specialist. He even handles the old Classics. He consults, programs and trains – the same services that Betty provided for over 27 years.


  • GeezerJoe is retired and recommends that you contact Kikiware Graphics  (Richard Wheeler) for all of your scientific or business software and web design requirements. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with “Laemming” Wheeler since 1992. We continue to this day. I could not recommend anyone more qualified to assume our technical skills and still maintain our one-to-one business relationship philosophy. As a bonus, Wheeler is an exceptional graphics artist and photographer.  


   We have developed this new web site for our own amusement.      



  Some of our software creations…