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America is in decline. Now, if that isn’t a fun way to tell you what this blog is all about then maybe we lack a sense of humor. Perhaps our funny bone has a compound fracture and no amount of plaster and fiber-webbing can patch it up. I wonder if we shouldn’t be displayed in some orthopedic museum on the vast, cactus lined, adobe brick campus of New Mexico Body and Fender School.

Perhaps we lost our sense of humor along the way after watching our culture go to hell in a Louis Vuitton handbag. If we make a case for PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY we are criticized for our lack of sensitivity. If we are critical of our political bureaucrats and academicians we get thrashed about the head and shoulders for being racist, bigots, and uneducated slime balls unworthy of being heard. This loud echo seems to come from the hallowed halls of academia more often than not. It is our opinion that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS was germinated in the Petri dish of learned morons employed in these so-called institutions of our higher brainiacs. And, the growth of this scum has oozed into every part of our government from the local water district to the once hallowed halls of Congress.

As we see things, the learned among us seem to believe that they have all of the answers to every single problem that confronts a population of 300-million plus. Not only do they have definitions (usually parsed in legal jargon) they also have the best solutions and they are compelled to force the rest of us to join them, in step, or go directly to jail. Maybe this is an oversimplification but Hitler once believed “that his way was the ONLY way” and look what happened to 50-million people.

Our America rocked along very well until the 1960’s. This is about the time when smarmy politicians started to undo our moral stitching and began implementing laws that classified every citizen in the same mold and reduced personal achievements to a level playing field. It didn’t matter to these jar-heads that people are as vastly different as DNA can allow. Last time we looked that is about 20-billion multiplied by 20-billion permutations and combinations. There is nothing EQUAL about anyone and this has just got to be by Grand Design. Men – even with fancy ivy league degrees – are just too stupid to come up with this brilliant idea.

There is nothing flattering or even humorous in these essays. Most things involving our nation stopped being funny 50 years ago. It gets even less funny every month that passes. Oh sure, we have oodles of gadgets today that didn’t exist way back then. We can wile away our lives watching the next popular craze or playing the next moronic game. We can crawl deeper into our caves and interact with our friends in non-verbal ways. We can all drive cars with headlights that look (for all the world) like Asian eyes. We can continue to elect proficient liars who will never speak the truth to us. And, we can all go down together in a flaming ball of grease made especially to boil humanity.

Well, this geezer doesn’t have long to endure this decomposition so he gets a chance to blabber away like a madman. And, he does and will until his last breath. Are you sure you want to ride along on such a droll and unfunny train?


 By the way – we used to write software and sell it around the world. We had a lot of fun, met a number of really brilliant people, made some lifelong friends, enjoyed a modest success and managed to stay off of the welfare rolls for about 25 years.
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